WrestleBirb: How I Would Book AEW All Out 2022

With the biggest event on All Elite Wrestling’s calendar just a few short weeks away, here’s how I think the card will take shape for All Out weekend.

By Sean Blanford

The fourth All Out Pay-Per-View will be taking place on Sunday, September 4th, and with how massive last year’s event was with the debuts of Adam Cole, Bryan Danielson, Ruby Soho, and New Japan’s Minoru Suzuki, this year’s will have a lot to live up to. That being said, the seeds have been sown for several great matches to take place, culminating with potentially the most significant match for the promotion this year with the unification match between Jon Moxley and CM Punk for the Undisputed World Championship. Coming up with a realistic card was difficult, so I also included matches that would take place on the buy-in and the Rampage leading up to All Out. All told, I came up with sixteen matches that I could feasibly see taking place and trying to find a place to make cuts was next to impossible. So I present to you how I would book All Out Weekend 2022. Enjoy!

The Rampage Before All Out

Match One: AEW TNT Championship- Wardlow (c) vs. Satnam Singh
I wish I could find a spot for Wardlow’s World on the main show. With Wardlow already beating Jay Lethal once at Battle of the Belts III, and the potential for a rematch that was set up at the Quake by the Lake Dynamite, I could see Wardlow dispatching Lethal on the August 24th Dynamite and demanding a match with Singh. The visual of big Wardy power bombing the even bigger Satnam would be a stellar way to start the weekend.
Winner and still champion: Wardlow

Match Two: Tay Melo and Anna Jay vs Skye Blue and Ruby Soho
Ruby and Anna hate each other, and Tay and Skye don’t get along, so a tag match including the four makes perfect booking sense. Tay and Anna have the backing of the JAS, but Ruby and Skye could use the win more. Either way, here’s hoping all four go onto bigger and better things in the future.
Winners: Ruby Soho and Skye Blue

Match Three: Sonny Kiss vs Orange Cassidy
I am so happy that Sonny Kiss is not only back on TV for the first time in forever but is inserted directly into a feud thanks to his actions on the August 12th Rampage. After a kick to Cassidy’s oranges and a heel turn to join Ari Darivari’s Truthbusters faction, I would rather see a one-on-one between the two rather than a six-man involving the Best Friends and the rest of the Busters. But, let’s keep the beautiful badass’ momentum going, shall we?
Winner: Sonny Kiss

Match Four: ROH World Heavyweight Championship- Claudio Castagnoli (c) vs Daniel Garcia (Match Without Honor)
IT’S TIME FOR THE MAIN EVENT! While the JAS vs BCC has been getting stale on the whole, I am fascinated as to where they can go with whether Daniel Garcia wants to be the best technical sports entertainer or the best technical wrestler in the world. So how do we get here? After Bryan Danielson beats Daniel Garcia two falls to one in their match on the August 17th Dynamite, Garcia and Jake Hager are in the ring with Willaim Regal and Danielson, with the American Dragon extending his hand. Regal encourages Garcia to shake his hand, but Garcia refuses, walking away and leaving Hager in the ring to eat a running knee and get choked out. This writes off Hager for the foreseeable future.
On the August 24th Dynamite, a frustrated Garcia attacks Claudio with a chair, berating the ROH Champ and demanding a match for his title while belittling the Code of Honor. He cuts an in-ring promo on the August 26th Rampage, saying if you hate someone enough, you shouldn’t be forced to shake hands with your enemy. He would instead break Claudio’s hand and take his title. Claudio rushes the ring with a chair, with Garcia narrowly escaping. Claudio grabs the mic and says, “if you want the match, you got it, and seeing as you don’t care about the Code, I have no problem defending this in a Match Without Honor.”
Winner and still champion: Claudio Castagnoli
Post-Match: After 15-20 minutes of absolute chaos, Claudio and Regal stand in the ring with Garcia, with Claudio extending his hand much as Danielson did. Garcia refuses and storms away.

All Out Buy In

I wanted to figure out a way not to make the main card eleven matches long, but I couldn’t figure out what match didn’t deserve a spot. So we’re back with the first half hour being video packages for the top matches and this potentially fun eight-man tag.

Ethan Page, Lee Moriarty, and the Gunn Club vs Danhausen, Hook, and The Acclaimed
I am a fan of what Stokely Hathaway is doing by recruiting anyone and everyone that he finds remotely interesting. After Hook dispatches Zack Clayton in what I hope is no more than 15 seconds in their match on the 8/19 Rampage, he is attacked from behind by Page and Moriarty. Page grabs the mic and exclaims that he should be the one getting title matches and TV time and not some reality star hack. Page gives the Ego’s Edge to Hook and tells him he’ll see him next week when he becomes the new FTW champion.
Fast Foward to the 8/26 Rampage, where instead of a match, Page attacks Hook on the entrance ramp with Moriarity by his side because he doesn’t care about Hook’s crappy title; he wants to make a statement. Danhausen comes in to try and make the save but is attacked from behind by the Gunn Club, which brings out The Acclaimed to run them off.
As Hook rises the ranks of AEW, he will need to take on more credible talent, and a program with Ethan Page could be just that. Usually, the faces should win the buy-in, but Page pinning Danhausen to give Stoke, Inc. some credibility could go a long way.
Winners: Page, Moriarty, and The Gunn Club (Page pins Danhausen VIA Ego’s Edge)

The Main Card

As I said earlier, I have eleven matches on my main card that deserve a spot. Of course, getting all these matches on a four-hour show will be a tight squeeze, but I think it could be done.

1. Eddie Kingston vs Sammy Guevara
This was set up on the August 12th Rampage, and I will keep this short and sweet because Eddie should get a decisive singles victory over a member of the JAS.
Winner: Eddie Kingston (seven minutes VIA pinfall- chain-wrapped Uraken).

2. Jungle Boy vs Christian Cage
Good vs Evil collide as one of the most interesting dynamics of this feud has been where the true allegiances of Luchasaurus lie. This feud has been going on for some time but still has legs once the giant dinosaur turns on Jungle Boy and aligns himself with Christian Cage.
Winner: Christain Cage (ten minutes VIA pinfall- Killswitch).

3. Powerhouse Hobbs vs Ricky Starks
Another feud that 100% should not end until at least Full Ge; these two are young, hungry, and will make this company a lot of money in the future as long as they don’t jump ship to Poppa H’s WWE Happy Playtime Adventureland. The match could go either way, with either Hobbs getting an underhanded victory or the Starks getting a cheeky win. Either way, it will be a great fall program.
Winner: Ricky Starks (ten minutes VIA a ropes-assisted roll-up).

4. Miro, Sting, and Darby Allin vs House of Black (Malakai Black, Buddy Matthews, and Brody King w/Julia Hart).
You could go many ways with these six men, but a six-man tag makes the most sense for condensing purposes. Then, of course, you can do Miro vs the entire HoB and potentially a singles match with Sting and Malakai down the road, but this is where I could see our only debut of the night with CJ Perry somehow making her presence felt to mitigate potential Julia HHart-related shenanigans.
Winners: Miro, Sting, and Darby Allin (twelve minutes with Miro submitting BudMatt in the Game Over).

5. La Faccion Ingobernable (Rush, Andrade El Idilo, and Dragon Lee) vs Death Triangle (PAC, Rey Fenix, and Penta Oscuro)
Both factions are in the trio’s tag title tournament, and with LFI going up against The Young Bucks and their mystery opponent (cough, Kenny Omega, cough cough) and Death Triangle going up against The United Empire’s Will Ospreay and Aussie Open, I see this match happening in two easy steps:
Step One: LFI loses to The Elite while Death Triangle beats the United Empire (Ospreay no likey)
Step Two: Death Triangle loses to The Elite in the semi-finals, with LFI beating down Death Triangle afterward.
Also, make this match for the #1 contenders for the trio’s titles because matches are always better when they have stakes. That being said, PAC has a big, beautiful All-Atlantic Championship around his waist, and there could be a certain Billy G.O.A.T. that may want to get his hands on it.
Winners: La Faccion Ingobernable (fifteen minutes VIA Hammerlock DDT to PAC after Will Ospreay interference).

6. Chris Jericho vs Bryan Danielson
Speaking of matches with stakes, let’s make this for the heart of Daniel Garcia. Jericho doesn’t like that Bryan and the BCC have been trying to play nice with the JAS’s top young talent, and this match will be the culmination of the storyline that started with the fantastic Bryan/Garcia promo of whether Garcia wants to be the best technical sports entertainer or the best technical wrestler. Let’s keep the goofiness to a minimum with Claudio, Eddie, Ortiz, and Wheeler Yuta taking out Sammy Guevara and 2point0 before the match starts. This will lead to Garcia coming down to ringside with Floyd the Bat towards the end of the match, and when Jericho wants Garcia to give it to him, he doesn’t do it.
Winner: Bryan Danielson (twelve minutes VIA running knee)
Post-match: Garcia extends his hand to William Regal, and Garcia takes his place in the Blackpool Combat Club.

1. AEW TBS Championship: Jade Cargill (c) vs Athena
When is the right time to pull the trigger and have your dominant, undefeated champion lose for the first time? Is Athena the right person for this task? She has already been in this spot once before as Ember Moon went up against Asuka back in NXT, and while she couldn’t slay that dragon then, now could be the time for Jade to take her first L. With time, Jade should be the #1 woman in the company and could be the AEW Women’s champion sometime in 2023.
Winner and new champion: Athena (eight minutes VIA two Eclipses).

2. AEW Women’s Championship Triple Threat: Thunder Rosa (c) vs Toni Storm vs Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D.
Toni Storm made her claim to #1 contender status after the unfortunate injury to Kris Statlander, but the good doctor can snake her way in wanting her title rematch. Thunder Rosa is never one to back down from a challenge, and this will be her undoing. After a botched Jamie Hayter interference causes Britt to be put down with a Fire Thunder Driver, Toni comes in, steals the pin, and Rosa loses the title without being pinned. AEW has so many great women on their roster that you now have two ready-made Fall feuds with Baker vs Hayter (which should have been a thing by now) and a newly heel Toni Storm vs Thunder Rosa.
Winner and new champion: Toni Storm (fourteen minutes VIA stolen pin on Britt Baker).

3. AEW World Tag team Championship: Swerve in our Glory (c) vs FTR
Seriously, it’s about time your belt-collecting #1 ranked team gets a match for the AEW Tag Championships. Fun fact: even though FTR has been the #1 ranked team in what seems like forever, they haven’t had a match for those titles since DECEMBER 2021. Yes, I know they have gone on to do great things in other promotions and a bunch of killer singles matches, but you have to pull the bandaid off at some point. Swerve and Keith should keep the titles a little longer, but if you do the belt collector gimmick, you must put the cherry on top.
Winners and new champions: FTR (eighteen minutes VIA pinfall- Big Rig to Swerve Strickland).

4. AEW World Trios Championship: The Elite (The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega) vs The Dark Order (Hangman Page, Evil Uno, and John Silver)
I know what you’re saying…” but Sean, Hangman said he wasn’t going to be in the trio’s tournament.” Well, here’s the story of how we’re going to get there:
Before their first-round match against the House of Black, Ten and Alex Reynolds are laid out backstage by Brody King and Buddy Matthews. This leaves Uno and Silver a man down. Hangman reluctantly agrees to be in the tournament. Dark Order beats House of Black VIA Miro/Darby/Sting-related skullduggery and dispatches The Best Friends on their way to the finals.
These titles have been sitting in Tony Khan’s office collecting dust until Kenny was ready to come back, so it would be foolish to think they wouldn’t be the first title holders. That being said, it could be done in a way that makes The Elite faces, makes the match more competitive than it probably has any right to be, and starts a trajectory for the titles going into Grand Slam and Full Gear.
Winners: The Elite (Eighteen Minutes VIA pinfall- Kenny pins Silver after BTE Trigger into a One-Winged Angel).
Post-match: YOU KNOW IT’S ALL ABOUT THE BOOM! Adam Cole, Kyle O’Reilly, and Bobby Fish run down to beat down the new champions, only to be run off by Hangman and The Dark Order. Hangman and DO shake hands with The Elite, leave the ring, and the new champs celebrate.

5. Unification Match for the Undisputed AEW World Championship: CM Punk (c) vs Jon Moxley (ic)- No Holds Barred
There are many ways to write this story, all of which can have satisfying endings that lead to great things in the future. Punk, in his hometown, defends his title against the man who won the interim championship and made his version of the World Title about blood, sweat, and broken bones. Should Punk lose his title on his first match back in Chicago? What does Punk do next if he does lose the title? If Mox fails, how will this affect the momentum of the Blackpool Combat Club? I would hate to see either man lose, and there must be a winner, so…
Winner and Undisputed Champion: Jon Moxley (22 minutes VIA Bulldog Choke- Punk passes out).
Post-match: There is just Moxley and Punk. No BCC…Punk hands Mox the title, bows to the crowd, praise them and departs. Mox is celebrating with the title when Eddie Kingston comes to the ring, hugs Mox, raises his hand, then cracks him across the face with a Uraken. Kingston lays into Mox with a chair three, four, five, six times until the BCC runs down to chase him off. Kingston grabs a mic, runs into the crowd, and says, “the friend of my enemy is now my enemy too. See you at Grand Slam, bitch.”

Winner and Undisputed Champion: CM Punk (22 minutes VIA Anaconda Vice- Mox passes out).
Post-match: There is just Moxley and Punk…Mox hands Punk the title and walks away mad but doesn’t want to admit the fact that Punk is the better man. Punk celebrates in the ring when a man in a hoody and jeans, a mask covering his face, runs into the ring and attacks Punk. He pulls down the mask and takes off the hood, the reveal a returning MJF. With Punk down, MJF demands a microphone and a chair and screams, “boss man, if you want your chosen champion to make it out of the arena in one piece, you’re going to give me everything I want, starting with a title match.” Security runs down to the ring as MJF places the chair against Punk’s throat, raises it as high as he can, and just as security makes it to the ring, the PPV goes off the air, and we don’t find out what happens until the next Dynamite.

After All Out, you’ll have two-and-a-half weeks until Grand Slam (Dynamite and Rampage), and that can be sold by several PPV quality matches, including:
CM Punk vs MJF (but only for the title)
Eddie Kingston vs Jon Moxley (preferably for the title, but a non-title could be intriguing)
The Elite vs La Faccion Ingobernable (Trios Championship)
PAC vs Will Ospreay (All-Atlantic Championship)
Toni Storm vs Thunder Rosa (AEW Women’s Title rematch)
Chris Jericho vs Daniel Garcia
Jamie Hayter vs Britt Baker (#1 Contender for the AEW Women’s Championship)
Sting vs Malakai Black

What do you think? Which scenario do you prefer for the ending of the title match? If you hate both, that’s okay too. Find me on Twitter, and we can have a pleasant casual conversation.

Author: Sean Blanford

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